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The impact of the Business Dynamics Research Consortium can be immediately seen in several websites and a variety of practical applications through innovative data filters and visualizations enabling our partners to incorporate the BDRC Databank into their own custom solutions. (YE)

Now with data thru 2018! (YE) is an online research tool that allows visitors to analyze economic activity at the community level - and across the country. YE is the definitive source of economic data about business establishments, jobs and sales across the United States.

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Now with data thru 2017! empowers users to learn more about the impact of private equity-backed companies and their sustained growth impact on the middle market of the U.S. economy. Data through calendar year 2017 has been added with more private capital-backed companies!

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Custom and Static Applications

Available from BDRC are several tiers of aggregated data applications taking advantage of both our large establishment Databank in very manageable .xlsx or text formats including:

  • Establishment and jobs Metrics are Total, Resident, Nonresident, Noncommercial business types cut by: 5 employment stages, and; Churn Parameters: birth (divided by new and existing starts), death, expansion, contraction, move in, and move out.births, deaths, expansion, contraction, move in/out for every state, MSA, or county from 1997 thru current last year
  • Sales totals by region from 1997 thru current last year
  • Static regions; states, CBSA, counties from 1997 thru current last year
  • Custom regions using 2, 3, 4, or 6-digit NAICS from 1997 thru current last year

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